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News; Honey & vinegar diet to reduce weight

Published: Sunday 31 August, 2014

Though more and more people choose Meizitang Botanical slimming soft gel to lose weight as they can get easily, like from the online web www.originalmeizitangmall.com etc., but lose weight by honey and vinegar is also a good way.

Vinegar contains a variety of nutrients, help digestion, increase appetite, promote the absorption of food nutrients conversion functions, speed up the body's metabolism. (Most people gain weight is because the metabolic rate drops), Regulation of body acid-base balance; Disease prevention and vinegar as well as sterilization function. Honey is a natural nutritional supplements, has many features, And, lungs and intestines, Has an excellent bactericidal effect and detoxifying effect, Consumption can not only increase liver detoxification capacity, But also the stomach, helps digestion and other effects, Its relatively low heat, And it allows the body's metabolic function improved well, Those in the body is difficult to make the consumption of accumulated excess fat as energy to get burned. Honey contains sugar, which can burn high-quality human energy, vitamins and minerals, Quality of sugar into the blood, into energy, Quickly eliminate fatigue, relieve hunger.

Cheap with honey to lose weight,
Constipation caused due to human obesity is particularly effective, So with honey to lose weight, simple, effective and safe, If they can take time, long-term adherence, Also make rough skin becomes tender and moist. However, there are two points to your attention:

1, choose white vinegar is necessary to choose the kind of after sorghum, Soybeans, rice and other processed, There is, buy when we must pay more attention to the general trademark. Be sure to avoid those containing chemicals. Do not use vinegar because vinegar is vinegar, Weight loss is poor.

2, the proportion of honey and vinegar it can be based on individual tastes and needs adjustment
If you pay attention to the beauty of it may be appropriate to increase the proportion of honey, Put some white vinegar can be less.

Specific methods: the honey and vinegar in a 1: 4 ratio of consumption. 20 minutes before breakfast fasting drink, drink immediately after lunch and dinner.

For body fat, the body of poor people, Most suitable for use honey instead of dinner. The method is very simple, as long as thirty grams of honey added to one liter of water mixed. You can also add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to taste, Continuous drinking two, three days, there will be unexpected results. Now except Meizitang diet pills, you have one more way to lose weight, right?


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