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Super Slim

New Meizitang Soft Gel

New Meizitang Soft Gel

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Reduce Weight with 100% Natural Slimming Product! Green and Effective Weight Loss with No Side Effect!
Based on natural extracts, The New Meizitang is known as an effective herbal product, it uses several herbal extracts from plants such as Cora fruit, Guar gum and also purple clover. The Dai tribe has been using these extracts for over hundreds of years in Yunnan. Many other additional ingredients, such as Alisma, Apocynum leaves, astragalus and other herbal products are present in this capsule, Therefore, Meizitang helps people to reduce weight and gain better results on their figure.

New Meizitang Soft Gel
Main Ingredients:
Xianxian cao, Jobstears, Artemisia dracunculua, Psyllium Husk, Bamboo Shoot, Lotus leaf

Authentic product:
Clear laser mark “MZT” on the soft gel
Feel knaggy when touching laser mark “MZT”

Fake product:
No laser mark “MZT” on the soft gel
Black mimeograph “MZT” on the soft gel, which can be removed by alcohol or other liquids

[Specification] 36 capsules per pack (650 mg x 12 pills x 3pcs)
[Dosage] Only 1 capsule per day along with plenty of water and along with a proper breakfast
[Valid Period] 24 months

5 Stars ( Total 27 Reviews)

Works great! by Mildred Adams
Within only 2 weeks, my cravings for junk food had decreased drastically under the effect of new meizitang diet pills. Also, I got a lot of extra energy to work out and I have cut 4 pounds already. I’m just curious about how I’m going to look by the end of next month

I was very pleasant with both the service and product. The customer service girl answered all of my questions and I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. I have confidence that this product will continue to help me lose weight.

I eat healthy and workout about 3-4xs week however the scale was pretty much stuck on the same # for about a month after only a week of taking the Meizitang diet pills I dropped 2 lbs.Best part about it no side effects and the price is just great. Can't wait to lose more.

My wife introduced Meizitang slimming soft gel to me and I am glad she did as it exceeded my expectation it give me energy and it curves my appetite so it helps me to eat in small portion.I really love this product cause I eat regular no extreme diet.

My mom is losing weight by Kristin Morris
my mom started to take it one month ago and she has lost 11 pounds so far :) thanks for your real product

Excellent! Superb!  by Anna Bell
I have gained my desired weight in just 2 months! I strongly recommend meizitang, it is so good!!

Meizitang is wonderful by Lucy Chandler
This is the 2nd month and I really love this wonderful meizitang! I have reduced 12 lbs! I’ve never lost so much!!!

I love this product by Roberta Bass
they work great!! I have gone from 157 pounds to 140 pounds in just 1 month! That’s really a wonderful thing for me!!

Feel good by Rosie Lee
I feel good with no side effect, my key is to eat properly and do proper sports

order again by Patricia Ryan
This is the second time that I've ordered the natural mzt from this seller. They deliver the product fast to me and I have good result , that’s why I come back to order. And as usual, I received as good as the result I have always received. Thanks

wonderful pills by Lynne Pratt
I never feel upset with excessive food like before as it do great at appetite controlling, love it

I am pleased with it by Betty Poole
My order was processed immediately and took only 4 days to arrive. Great product, used 3 and lost 30 lbs, Feel great, less bloating. I'm very happy with what I've seen so far.

It works for me by Lula Moody
It does work good! I have reduced 10lbs, just drink lots of water and insist for a period

meizitang is wonderful by Freda Simon
I was told about meizitang through a friend who lost all her extra weight in a short term soon after giving birth, I was excited when heard it and got 1 month supply, it works great like my friends said, I have lose 18 pounds in with that 1 month supply, love it

Good pills and work well by Shannon Townsend
Great deal for such a good price! I would highly recommend it to a friend.Buy it now if you are serious about losing weight and in a healthy way without any side effects.

Work well and will buy more by Lillian Waters
Simply love meizitang!!! I've taken various diet pills in the past and meizitang is the best thing out on the market. Would recommend this product to friends and family.

This product gives you energy and reduces your appetite to eat.I was kinda surprised this actually worked.No side effects as well.

Awesome meizitang! by Ann Huff
I have lost 6 pounds in two weeks, mainly the fat at my waist is removed! No other side effect except dry throat, i recommend it

Awesome product  by Cynthia Clayton
To be frank,I have googled all the ingredients before placing my order.They are all herbs and have the common effect on curbing appetite.And this also makes me go to the bathroom,its great .

MZT botanical slimming soft gel has been working for me so far.I have bern taking it for five weeks and I have lost 7 lbs so far. I haven't been exercising at all. I have been drinking a lot more water though. It gives me a lot of energy and voosts my mood. My blood pressure

This works great for me I eat lighter meals and drink a lot of water, I have only been taking meizitang for about two weeks but I can see small changes.

Like this priduct by Olga Tucker
I read some reviews that people can't take coffee when taking the pills,but it's not for me.I take this with coffee every morning,and I still lost 23 lbs in 3 months.Perhaps we have different physiques? Really happy about it.

Good pill by Amos Brooks
I have no idea how to express my feelings about taking this product,but I do see the result in a month.I lost 9 lbs.I was expecting for more.I'm satisfied with the result so far.

slimming pills by Daisy Buchanan
First I was skeptical about giving them a try. But I got some pills from my friend to try,they are amazing!I can feel the difference about 3 days after taking the pill.I was shocked,so I placed this order at once.Worth a try.

With this product meizitang,I have lost on average 1.3 lbs per week for the first two months.But when it comes to my third month taking this product,I already lost 20 lbs.they are so effective.

botanical soft gel by Marlon Francis
I took meizitang with a meal,then workout about an hour or so later,they have lasting effects.I sweat more during my workouts and feel great doing so.I also noticed that these in particular don't give me the jitters like other pills I tried before.Overall,I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for one that WORKS.

Very good meizitang  by Sadie Wood
Meizitang is popular around the people I know and the effects they got encouraged me much so i started taking it too, it really works, my appetite is greatly cut and my weight is dropping! I will continue

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